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【共享25 限量版T-恤】DuaSpace25 Limited Edition T-shirt

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时光如梭,咻~一下25年了!但对于两位共享空间的创办人来说,是肩负多大的压力撑过来的今天!过去许多的人曾询问马金泉老师及叶忠文老师,关于全职舞团如何在马来西亚维持及生存? 职业舞团在本土遇到怎样的环境发展困境? 面对艺术、表演艺术软实力的发展一直都不在国家发展的核心建设,全职表演艺术是否有未来的瞻望? 


舞团定不忘初心,在 #与舞共享 #携手共舞 #处处有艺术 的发展向度上,为本土艺术继续努力!为身边的每个您提升生活幸福感~~ 支持“共享精神”,把 #共享25 的限量周边带回家吧!

Dua Space Dance Theatre is celebrating 25th Anniversary!

Co-founders Anthony Meh & Aman Yap had maintained and survived a full-time dance company for 25 years! There are many people curious about how they encounter the environmental development dilemma, especially when art & performing arts is not the main core of national development.

Although facing those uncontrollable issues, both Anthony & Aman pour all their passion and love into it very much, they really worked hard and proved themself with high-quality dance skills and choreographing thoughts. In the lead of two professions, the company improves itself from time to time and keeps exploring the latest situation from local to nationwide. Not only performance profile, Dua Space also cope with digital, technology, and community development on the basis of dance art majors, working together with different field profession, creating new sparks in the new era!

Dua Space will not forget the core of the company, and continue to development of art in #SharingDance #Hand-in-Hand with disabilities #SowingTheSeedsofArt and more! Bring happiness into your life~ Support us with the limited-designed 【#DuaSpace25】 merchandise.


#共享25 Logo设计概念

  • “共享” 取自舞团印章式Logo“共享空间字样,延续字义上共享及舞团传承的精神。
  • 25 意既舞团2023年,庆祝第25周年;当中”5“以水袖为主要视觉印象,在舞者挥舞水袖时所摄,并透过多次堆叠、旋转、曝光,寓意提醒自己不忘本,推广文化与传统的同时亦不忘推陈出新。
  • 上方的DUA SPACE,保留马来文与英文的呈现,不忘我们在本土共融上的初心。
  • 整体Logo以渐变蓝呈现,蓝色,是永恒的象征。承接舞团过去25年的努力,迈向 #三十载与舞共享。

#DuaSpace25 Logo Design Concepts

  • "共享" is a Chinese word that means 'Sharing', it's from our company logo, a traditional stamping style, and it represents our authentication, and also continuing the spirit of "sharing" and the core of the company.
  • "25" means it's come to the 25th year anniversary in 2023. You can see the word "5" included the element of a Chinese classic costume -- Water Sleeve as the main visual impression. Through multiple stacking, rotation, and exposure editing, it reminds us not to forget the origin of promoting culture and tradition.
  • The "DUA SPACE" on the top retains the presentation in Malay and English, which means the importance of art & cultural integration in Malaysia.
  • The logo is presented in blue with a gradient tone, which is a symbol of eternity. Inheriting the efforts of the dance company in the past 25 years, Towards #DuaSpace30YearsOfSharingDance.
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