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共享空间专业舞团(Duo Space Dance Theatre Sdn Bhd)于2020年12月12日正式启动“共享艺品 Dua Space Art & Craft”网店。




About Us 

Duo Space Dance Theatre Sdn Bhd officially launched the "Dua Space Art & Craft" online store on 12th of December, 2020.

Since the establishment of Duo Space Dance Theatre Sdn Bhd, countless ups and downs never stop our spirit in bringing original creations of arts to people around us. We started "Dua Space Art & Craft" with the ambition to deliver the light of kindness to the world and this is inspired from our realisation in 23 years of serving the community. It is not only our first step in adapting arts into entrepreneurship, but also a blessing to the company in creating and sharing more items and pieces of arts.It symbolises our care to the society by giving them our spiritual support and leading them to a life of arts.

"Art & Craft" is a sense of art. We believe that art is spiritual and essential in life. Therefore, "Dua Space Art & Craft" is dedicated to the concept of every aspect in our lives, hoping to lead our friends and customers to an elegant life by improving the quality of personal development, career and relation.

"Art & Craft" is a humanistic product with its practical and abstract value. It is a result of skillfully beauty, an essence of history and civilisation progress. We work with artists and craftsmen in different fields, bringing the most common and essential artworks in a creative yet warm manner. We are dedicated to the pursuit of exquisiteness, filling a fragrance of warm and beauty in everyone’s life.

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