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  • 大马薪传 Anak Malaysia (2009) | Dua Space Dance Theatre

《大马薪传 Anak Malaysia》珍藏版 精装DVD/音乐CD

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Dua Space Dance Theatre presented 'Anak Malaysia' in 2009, depicting the story of the ancestors of Chinese community came to Tanah Melayu and made this land their home. In celebration of National Day 2020, Dua Space would like to share this meaningful performance that combines local musicians, choreographers, dancers, singers and actors. 

===关于《大马薪传》About 'Anak Malaysia'=== 



'Anak Malaysia' tells the story of how the ancestors of Malaysian Chinese came and built their homes in this nation, depicting the emotions and history of the Chinese community rooting on this land. The production presents the harmonious scenery of all races living here in Malaysia on stage, promoting social integrity, and delivering blessings to our country. 

The story is set in the 19th Century when Chinese people had to leave their homeland due to the poor conditions of China. Among them, the eldest son of Yap family, Choong Boon leading his younger siblings, Xiao Boon, Ren Boon, and Ai Boon, together with their adopted little chamberlain, Fuh Hoong, trying their luck to seek for living in Nanyang. Elders of the Kong family handed their children, Suk Yee and Thiam Aik to the care of Choon Boon. On the same voyage, there were Chen Jiunn Yee, Loke Nian San, and Liu Vui Ngee. Before departure, parents of the Yap family gave each of their children a handmade brocade bag embroidered with their surnames, hoping their children would be safe together in the future. Soon, the boat departed and sailed into its uncertain voyage... 

===节目单 Program=== 

序幕 Overture
0:23 悠远的哀歌与离情 The Distant Dirge & 离情 Parting Sorrow 

落 Fall
09:30 渡海 The Voyage On Sea 
16:30 漂 Lost 

地 Land 
18:50 热带雨林的马来半岛 The Tropical Nation-Tanah Melayu 
26:18 获救 The Survivors 
33:50 思想曲 The Songs of Homeland 
41:35 安眠 A Peaceful Sleep 
42:50 母亲的呢喃 Murmur of A Mother 
44:30 崭新的岁月 Building of New Homeland 
47:33 惬意即景 The Harmonious Scenery 
50:44 江水地情 Joyful Land 
54:40 爱情 Love 

生 Birth 
1:00:22 耕耘 Farming 
1:04:43 新婚 Wedding 
1:05:45 采矿 Tin Mining 
1:10:00 孕育 Pregnancy 
1:16:42 建立家园 Building Home 
1:21:29 诞生 Birth 
1:24:23 蕉椰新地里的新生命 The New Generation 

根 Root 
1:29:31 战争 War 
1:31:11 抗战与独立 Defense & Independence 
1:37:04 华族的根-我们不是候鸟 Our Root - We Are Not Migratory Birds 
1:43:02 大马薪传 Anak Malaysia 


《大马薪传》舞评 Review of "Anak Malaysia"

心向太阳剧坊 专访共享空间“大马薪传”Anak Malaysia

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