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手工蓝染服饰 Indigo Dyeing Costume

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配合舞团受邀呈现《蓝 • 南》客家历史舞剧,特别将收集到的漂亮蓝染服饰跟大众分享 💙

《蓝●南》客家历史舞剧是一部记录客家大埔人南来落脚蕃国 (后称马来亚) 的故事,记载大埔文化特色和客家精神和的一部历史舞剧,藉由舞剧故事及舞者专业的呈现,将客家大埔的美丽和精神结晶分享给全世界。



*蓝染服饰皆为手工制作,每一件服饰皆各具特色,请洽演出现场柜台参照样式,或联系Whatsapp +6018-207 2006查看存货及照片。


"Indigo Dyeing," is a heritage of craftsmanship, as well as a cultural spirit that is inherited and promoted! 

"Across the Blue" Hakka Historical Dance Drama showcases the unique cultural art of "Indigo Dyeing" practiced by the Hakka people. Passed down through generations, it has now become a radiant touch in fashion and decorative arts, even spreading worldwide and shining on the international stage. Indigo dyeing, along with the Hakka people's diligent, hardworking spirit, has been passed down through generations, contributing to a better life and future for the Hakka community!

During the early stages of creating the dance drama, choreographer Mr. Anthony Meh, along with the President and members of the United Association of Malaysia Dabu (Chayang) Society, visited various places like Malacca and Kluang to collect oral history and materials. The show will be premiere on 29th & 30th July, and also will present on 8th Sept, Dabu Alliance & 50th Anniversary of Federation of Taipu (Chha Yong) Assc.

*Our Indigo clothing is all handmade, and each piece of clothing is special designed, please contact the counter at the performance site for reference, or contact Whatsapp +6018-207 2006 to check inventory and costumes photos.

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