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蝶香 Butterfly Incense

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包含 🦋蝶香 一盒 (15片/30环)  


附赠 🎁精美香盘 🎁收纳束口袋





【让生活遇见美丽   让美丽温暖生活】



以10种天然植物制成 【沉香、白檀香、红檀香、杜鹃花、丁香、当归、白豆蔻、甘松香、藏红花、龙脑香】 

多重功效 【益神养心、安神助眠、疏解情绪、净化空气、去疫避邪】

香品规格 | 15片/30环(盒)

香品直径 | 46mm

燃烧时间 | 约2小时

储存方式 | 置放于干燥阴凉通风处,避免潮湿

保质期限 | 越久越醇香


【Butterfly Incense】 Set

Include 🦋 1 Box Butterfly Incense 

(15 Piece/30 Rings)  

*Each ring burns for approximately 2 hour

Gift        🎁 Incense Burner 🎁 Drawstring pouch

About 【Dua Space Art & Craft】

A new initiative of Dua Space Dance Theatre for its development into a self-sustainable performing arts organization by instilling artistic values in our daily life through exquisite art and craft items.

About 【Butterfly Incense】

A Tibetan traditional incense hand-crafted in Inner-Mongolia, made from 10 natural ingredients 

【Agarwood, White Sandalwood, 

Red Sandalwood, Azalea, Clove, Angelica, 

White Cardamon, Rosin, Saffron, Dipterocarp】

Effect 【Nourish mind & soothe the nerves, relieve emotion, purify the air, eliminate epidemics and avoid the plague, etc】

Quality     | 15 pairs / 30 rings

Diameter | 46mm

Burning Time | Approximately 2 hours

Storage    | Store in a dry, cool & ventilated place, avoid humidity

Shelf life  | The longer the more mellow

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