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共享空间【网上新视演 Dua Space Dance@ONLINE】 Series 3

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Art is essential for life!

行动管制令 (MCO) 3.0 让我们再一次居家工作、呆在家里。
共享空间也希望大家除了 Stay safe! Stary at home! 还要 Stay artistic!


【网上新视演】Series 3
精选舞团4部精彩舞作,让你在家也能欣赏舞蹈,Stay at home 也能够 Stay artistic!

链接欣赏片段 https://reurl.cc/eErMkb

*** 节目表 Program
1. 共享空间成团首作 《动态张力 Dance of Flourish》(2003)
Dua Space's 1st Full-Time Company Production

2. 外星生物创意造型 《巢穴 DEN》(2011)
A Collaboration with Creative Makeup Artist

3. 以舞说爱情 《男左女右 Men & Women Seeking For Love》(2015)
Creations on Love by Aman Yap and Suhaili Micheline

4. 本土多元文化的祝福 《大树成林 The Tree》(2015)
A dance to celebrate our natural diversity and cultural richness

*** 购票须知  Important Notice

1. 购票后,请以您购票的相同电邮到舞团网站【注册】成为会员。
Please 【Register】 as our website member after ticket purchase using the same email address in this purchase.

2. 加入会员后,影片的电子票将会呈现在您的【会员空间】。
After becoming our website member, your e-tickets will be displayed in your 【Member's Area】.

3. 播放日期开始时,您只需要点击电子票【入场】,即可通往线上剧场观赏舞团的舞蹈影片。
When the screening begins, click on the 【Enter】 button on the ticket to access into our Online Theatre and enjoy our dance videos.

4. 每一部舞蹈作品可以在播放日期内无限次重播!
Every dance production can be replayed for unlimited time within the screening period.

【舞团网站 Website】 https://www.duaspace.com.my

*** For Enquiry
【Whatsapp】 (+6)018-207 1005 | https://wa.link/6yjy3v

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